3 comments on “Why?

  1. I think it’s absolutely phenomenal, and inspiring, that you’re following your heart and mind’s ambition to follow the pen. There is nothing more gratifying, therapeutic and motivating than being able to not only document one’s thoughts but to also share those thoughts in such a way that they have an impact on others. In my experience, it’s the purity and authenticity of one’s thoughts, regardless of how daring, how controversial, how ‘are you kidding me, it’s so out there’, that allows you to truly be free in your writing. When you write, you essentially document history. It may be just one man’s history but it’s history nonetheless. And history is what we all learn from, despite how twisted, sad or unfortunate history may be, it’s all a lesson. So in a sense, you’re following your heart to become a teacher of sorts. Welcome to the world of sustained gratifcation! Really stoked to see you taking on this challenge.

  2. Wanting to be James Bond is one thing but actively aquiring the same knowledge and skill set as the famous suave british agent is another. Kudos!

    • Thanks Emery! It’s going to be a long journey, but I’m really enjoying it so far. The agenda for 2014 is quite full with intensive handgun training, French classes, motorcycle training (never ridden one), and much more.

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